365 Outfits

We’ve all bought things we haven’t used. Most of us will have bought clothes we haven’t worn. I am certainly guilty of this. Never the right occasion, doesn’t go with anything, doesn’t feel the same as it did in the shop..etc..

Like many, I’m running out of storage space. One might say I’m a bit of a hoarder. – But I wouldn’t describe my clothes as junk. So I am setting myself a challenge. I must wear every single item in my wardrobe over the next year. Starting with the items with the tags still on. Items left unworn, I avoid wearing or no longer fit, I must say goodbye to. The aim here? Clear out my closet, see what really deserves a place in the limited space I have. Time to get cut throat.

So here it is, outfit #1


Black silk backed cardigan from GAP (2010), Camouflage T from Mango (2012), Black Jeans from ZARA (2013) and Brown Suede Boots from DUNE (2013)






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