365 Outfits..Big Black Heels

Today I dug out one of my favourite pairs of heels and a jacket I rarely wear. Most mothers don’t wear heels when tottering around with their children – bar VB- and I’m no exception. I can’t walk in them, it’s as if they’re not designed for the human foot, they’re that uncomfortable. I’m yet to try on a pair that manage to hug my feet and look amazing too, no doubt I’m searching in the wrong price bracket.
Shall have to decide whether to keep these ones or not…Maybe I’ll save them for a toe pinching, sole throbbing somewhat agonising night out.

Here it is, outfit #2 of 365.


Jacket from Dorothy Perkins (2012), Khaki Jeans from Topshop (2012), Black Heels from Miss Selfridge (2012)



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