365 Outfits…The Sweetest Little Burrow


As you can see I’m still pretending it’s Summer. I am in denial.  Halloween, Christmas, New Year; yes yes they’re magical but like many I often wish I could hibernate during the winter.- Like the Beavers in The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. I’d live in a cosy burrow of warmth, food (pro dominantly pies and soups) and of course Wi-Fi (so I could keep blogging).  I’d remain underground until around March when the air is warmer and I’d have run out of wool. (I planned to spend my time knitting and reading; like a contented old lady). 

A more rational approach would be to invest in a good coat, turn up the central heating and comfort eat my way into 2016. (Okay not the last one but everyone knows people eat more at this time of year because they’re cold..). Well for now we can assume I will not be hibernating this Winter, most certainly not underground anyway. (Which is such a shame as I had concocted the sweetest little burrow in my imagination; with rugs, quilts and cushions I’d made myself, casserole simmering on the stove and a small table in the corner with a half finished game of Scrabble). I suppose I could do all of this in my actual house, it’s not the same without the beavers but I’ll cope.

IMG_5438IMG_5441 IMG_5446

Look #78: Top – Topshop, Shorts – Miss Selfridge, Heels – Zara, Clutch – John Lewis 





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