My 10 Favourite Christmas Presents


“You take away all the other luxuries in life, and if you can make someone smile and laugh, you have given the most special gift: happiness.”

– Brad Garrett

I was absolutely spoilt present-wise this year.

It was marvellous.

All the usual things – books, perfume, socks – but also some delightful little surprises – a 2017 planner, a makeup box, a watch.

My personal favourite would have to be The Ladybird Book of Dating from my cousin, with the opening line of:

“Dating is a fun way of meeting someone who is as terrified of dying alone as you are.”

We had a lot of fun reading through this book at the dining table.

1.) Julie sent me this 2017 planner in the post, which is absolutely ideal because I do like to write a little plan for each day, and I have about 10 different lists that can now all go into one planner (Y’know; to-do’s, goals, books-to-read…)


2.) A really quite generous make-up box from my Tita Ruth. – This woman has been spoiling me with makeup and nail polishes since I was three years old. I literally thought to myself the other day I’d love to experiment more with eyes-shadows and voila, 100 different new shades arrive on my doorstep.


3.) Dove Washbag from my lovely Aunty Lalaine.


4. Insta-Coasters from Mum.


5.) Bamboo-socks from my Aunty and ordinary-socks-in-a-Borrower-sized-jumper from Mum


6.)Awesome Secret Garden Colouring Book from Hannah (read all about this wonderful woman right here).


7.)These books are easily the two most hilarious books I’ve ever been given.


8.) This was a gift to me, just because I liked it and I’d been standing in the queue in Clintons for over ten minutes. It now holds my embroidery threads.


9.) This was originally bought for Maia, but she has so many soft toys already, I didn’t think she’d even notice if I kept it/her/him-(haven’t quite decided yet). I don’t have soft toys in my bed – they get in the way- but I just like putting it/her/him on my pillow after making my bed in the morning. img_0514img_0515

10.) This one I really was not expecting. My thirteen year old cousin Joe is a sweetheart. Again, I remember thinking a few weeks ago; I really ought to get myself a watch, it would look nice and I’d certainly feel more like a grown-up. – And boom; weeks later; a new watch. – It also has a calculator, a stopwatch and a camera.


“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”

– Pierre Corneille, Le Menteur



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