The Happiness Project: Something with Zen

I’ve been a little slow this month on the resolution front. March seemed to creep up on me from no where and suddenly it’s Mothers Day and I’m sat here alone, child asleep, writing this post. February wasn’t the easiest month. Maia was ill, then I was ill, then I successfully managed to cut out sugar for a whole FIVE days before falling off the wagon and right into a valley of carbohydrates. (A beautiful valley of toast and cereal and GRANOLA..)

But let’s focus on the five days I did go sugar free. I felt fabulous. Like a different person. Friends would offer me chocolate and I’d politely decline. SO in control. One afternoon, in Starbucks, there were FREE caramel shortbreads, all stacked neatly on a tray staring at me invitingly – like a siren call- and did I put one in my face?? NOPE. I stayed strong. – Such a proud moment of self control.

…Then two days later Maia and I went to a birthday party and there was cake. Lots and lots of cake. Cake, home made biscuits, home made little chocolate crispy things. And all my previous efforts turned to shit. There was no going back. I was hungry, food was available and I was just doing what all the other mummy’s were doing. Eating the cake.
So I’m trying to look at March as a new chapter. This month, as well as the healthier eating (*I will not give up on the healthier eating, I will not rest until I can go a whole month sugar free, IT SHOULD NOT BE THIS HARD!!*) I will also be trying to meditate for 10 minutes a day.

I use the term meditate loosely, as I’ve tried it before, many times, and as of yet have been unable to empty my mind of thoughts and images for anything longer than a few seconds. It’s most definitely a skill to master. And that I will. I have a mat, (a new yoga mat, this time Maia won’t be using it as a teething toy so there won’t be bite marks all over it, my last one looks like it was mauled by a baby wolf..) and I have a book (see below). I’m good to go. I’m off to find my Zen. To reconnect with my Zen. To be Zen… Something with Zen.

March is going well so far. (Apart from a mild case of tonsillitis, who gets tonsillitis?! I thought only children and teenagers..) it’s awful, but I have managed to catch up on some reading, and I feel all special because Mum’s designated me my own plastic cup so I don’t spread my germs to every mug in the house.
All in all, tonsillitis and sugar affliction aside, 2016 is going well, and I could not be happier March is here, it crept up on me and now I’m greeting it with open arms. Open arms and inflamed tonsils. Welcome March.