The Happiness Project: Cut The Crap

WELCOME APRIL. Well how did we get here? The weeks do seem to go by quicker and quicker as the year goes on. March felt like a week, which means April will be much the same, and May will go by in a day…

Have I stuck to my Happiness Project resolutions? Well no, not really. I’ve been rather shit at sticking to this Happiness Project. I did not meditate my way through March, though I did make an effort to try and be still when the moment arose. – Not quite twenty minutes a day but it’s a start.

For April I have decided instead of dolloping on yet another resolution – that I’d struggle to stick to- I would try and focus on the resolutions I’d already made: Wake up earlier, consume less sugar and save more money. I’m doing well on the “not losing my temper”, the gym is really helping with this, I just get it all out of my system on the treadmill -or when I do SLAMS, which involves slamming a 7KG ball filled with sand onto the floor 20-40 times, exhilarating- and by the time I get home I’m too exhausted to climb the stairs let alone raise my voice to anyone.
Back in February I wrote about -like many- wanting a healthier lifestyle and how I wasn’t going to ban anything from my diet as this just made me crave it more.. Well this plan went tits up (or down in my case..) January, February and March, I simply ate what I wanted when I wanted with very little concern for the consequences. But oh there were consequences. – Ever so slight, but in the wrong direction. I became determined to turn that ship right round… So I poured all of my frustrations out onto Julie who told me to simply cut the crap, the eating after dinner and the constant snacking for 21 days, as this (we’ve read) is apparently how long it takes to change a habit. I mean this is one ingrained habit so it’ll be a miracle if after a mere 21 days I am a reformed individual, able to make sensible choices after 8pm. I’ve actually had to ask Dad to stow away his biscuits somewhere unbeknown to me, this is how little self discipline I have. 

Yesterday Mum informed me she would no longer be purchasing Nutella or Peanut Butter. – It’s great to know I’ve got so much support around me, and I’m happy that Maia will have a healthier option on her toast in future…
BUT WHAT ABOUT ME, I NEED IT, GIVE ME MY SUGAR!!! – I may have good intentions but part of my brain hasn’t quite caught up yet…

April 1st was day one and yes I have slipped, about seven times, but I expected this, and a ginger biscuit, four gummy wiggly worms and a slice of banana bread is NO reason to quit. There is no reason to quit. I will conquer my unstable relationship with Sugar if it takes all year!!! No granola bar will have power over me ever again!

So although I haven’t stuck to the Project whole heartedly day in day out, I can say that I feel much happier than I did at the start of the year. In general I feel my attitude inproving. 

My Happiness Project is not just about the resolutions, it is learning to be grateful everyday for everything some people can only hope for. 


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