Confessions of a Single Mother: OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL

I started a Youtube Channel just under a year ago.

I was very excited, I planned to vlog everyday, make interesting videos on Personal Development, Happiness and Motherhood. It was all going to be very awesome indeed.

However, with this being real life – real single mummy life- and not always quite in alignment with my over-ambitious imagination, I rarely uploaded any videos and the channel just sort of lay stagnant in the background for months.

Until now. 

My Mum – being my Mum – came along and gave me the push I needed. That push came in the form of an early Christmas present. A beautiful, new, badass, CAMERA.

I could have waited till after my sore throat and snuffles had disappeared before I made my first video with this exciting new piece of technology but then the over-excited child in me said Nah, lets make this shit authentic, lets include the snuffles..(Plus, it’s nearly December which means there’ll be plenty of videos still to come where I have a cold.)

I sat down, very nearly make-up free, hair flat as a pancake, cluttered backdrop – about as authentic as you can get – and with minimal planning hit record.

See the results of this venture HERE. 

So why Youtube? Why not just stick to the writing? Well I will always love writing, and I have no intention of stopping, I still hope to post every day on the blog.

But it’s got to the point where I feel the need to branch out a little. Videos add another dimension that written posts and photographs don’t always capture (I mean literally another dimension, a 3-Dimension..). They can be more personal, a lot more real, a lot more raw.  And this is is part of the reason I’m so drawn to Youtube, because it is intimidating, it is scary.

So bear with me whilst I navigate the new territory that is Youtube. I have no idea what I am doing. I just know that following my instincts tends to lead me in the right direction, so I just have to go with my gut here.

I know that I have thoughts I want to share, ideas I want to discuss, and people I want to interview on camera. 

I’ll think of it as a little experiment, a challenge. Can I commit to something so out of my comfort zone, so..unusual (because videoing yourself on a daily basis is simply not the norm) and so very 2016?!..

Yes, YES I CAN. 



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